Bouquet or Bunch? What's the difference?

Bouquet or Bunch? What's the difference?

Did you know the difference between a bunch and a bouquet is simply the construction method?

A bunch is just that, flowers 'bunched' together.

Flower buds/heads are all at one level, stems all the same length (Second image shown). If you're lucky the stems will be cleaned of foliage and thorns.

A bouquet is constructed in the hand. Some florists begins with a foliage 'base' then flowers are threaded into position.

The bouquet is continually turned and the stems are always placed at the same angle creating a 'spiralling' look.

This makes the bouquet form a dome shape so it can be displayed beautifully in a vase ( First image shown). 

A fantastic florist can make a bouquet that can balance on it's spiralled stems.

A bunch will usually cost you less as there is less 'labour' and 'skill' involved in its construction. The third image shows a 'bunch' gift wrapped.

Gift wrapped bunches of seasonal flowers from my online shop are from $30, with FREE delivery to Cheltenham and surrounding suburbs.

Other Melbourne suburbs incur a delivery fee.

Oh, and I can't help myself. Stems are cleaned, flowers that need supporting are wired and I spiral the stems.

What's the difference between a bouquet and a bunch?

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