Corporate Flowers for retail or office.

Corporate Flowers for retail or office.

I just wanted to share how much I am loving my corporate customers right now.

Cuts n all Westfield Southland

As a florist I love creating floral arrangements. What I love even more, is to be given a design brief which has requirements I must follow.

This might sound silly but, I find it so much more satisfying to create flowers where I can meet someones needs and beautify their space.

In the photo above is Michael from Cuts N all at Westfield Southland

I so enjoy doing their weekly flowers, and even though part of my service is taking away the old flowers, the staff often take them home because they say they last for another week.

They also must cringe when they see my hair. Even though I'd really like to style my hair everyday, as a mum of 5 I tend to just tie it up. The guys at Cuts n all did a beautiful job of colouring and cutting my hair in long layers and I'd add a photo but unfortunately I've tied it up in a ponytail since.

This week I got a call from Michael asking that I make the arrangements slightly smaller and compact. I think he was a little nervous I'd get upset he was critiquing my work because he stared by saying "I love your work but". 

I didn't didn't get offended. I loved the feedback and realised that I probably was getting carried away with the size of the arrangement. I always try to give value and sometimes as florists, we tend to use the flowers long stems to make the arrangement appear 'big and valuable'.

My vision is 'quality not quantity' and I love that Michael appreciates quality flowers. I liked that he trusted that I'd listen and adjust the flowers to their requirements.

This week arrangement featured a cymbidium orchid stem. The feedback was smiles all around even though the arrangement was smaller in size than previous weeks.

corporate flowers

To learn more about how Flowers by Cassy can beautify your retail space or bring happiness into an office environment please call to arrange a meeting 0409017398.



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