Flowers for sympathy and funeral services.

Flowers for sympathy and funeral services.

Allow me to help you during your most difficult time when you've lost a love one.

I can help you make their remembrance service special.

From the flowers at the memorial service to flowers for the home or reception afterwards. We deliver flowers to funeral services all over Melbourne.

Casket sheaf of fresh flowers for funeral memorial service Melbourne bayside

Flowers that sit on top of the casket or coffin or most families first choice.

The funeral parlour can actually organise them for you. Unfortunately, most people believe they are being 'ripped off' because they may be charged more than going directly to the florist.

This is not true, you may pay more to the funeral parlour for flowers as you are paying for the convenience of them arranging it on your behalf.

Some families prefer to organise their own funeral flowers as they want to include a special request.

These include adding flowers and/or foliage from the loved ones garden or families garden. This really personalises the memorial and helps the family feel a little more useful at such a surreal time.

Flowers by Cassy is happy to help with these specials requests.

Fresh flower Carlton Football emblem for funeral, memorial serviceFresh floral cross for memorial funeral service Melbourne baysideFuneral wreath heart of fresh flowers, send flowers bayside Melbourne. Florist Cheltenham

Please give me a call to discuss any flowers you may need.

Once we have organised what flowers and arrangements you would like, you don't need to worry about anything else. I do all the liaising with the funeral service provider to organise delivery time and set up to make the process simpler for you.

casket sheaf of fresh flowers funerals Cheltenham Melbourne Bayside

Something that is becoming more popular is the addition of vases of flowers at the service that the family can take home.

I've had many families have these placed in the foyer of the funeral parlour/church or on the floor near the lectern where the celebrant or speaker will be.

Funeral service flowers, Vase of flowers for funeral parlour.

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