Flowers from the heart

Flowers from the heart

I just wanted to post about how grateful I am to have such lovely customers.

This valentines day, it wasn't only men buying their girlfriends and wife's red roses.

I had grown children sending flowers to their mothers with beautiful card messages of love and gratitude. Some of these brought tears to my eyes as the children had taken over with the flower giving tradition because their fathers had passed away.

I had one customer who named herself the 'crazy single auntie'. There were a couple of these who gave all their nieces and nephews single roses, because they love them so much.

Bosses and business owners showering all their staff with a single roses. (If I'm ever out of work, I know where I'm applying).

Whether you go in for Valentines Day or not, it's nice to send your appreciation, gratitude and love.

What better way to do it than with flowers? From $30. Sorry had to add a sales plug. I'm trying to be all businessy.






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