Must have red roses for valentines day but hate feeling ripped off?

Must have red roses for valentines day but hate feeling ripped off?

Have you every purchased red roses on valentines day only to have them die the next day? It's not necessarily because they are old.

These tips will help you choose the most suitable arrangement and have them last a week.

Choose an arrangement where the flower heads and/or buds are supporting each other. Similar to this red rose bouquet. It's constructed just like a wedding bouquet. It's bound tightly so the rose buds can not droop. It also has a 'frill' of foliage to finish it off. 

The great thing about this arrangement is that it fits nicely on an office desk, you're not paying for lots of tissue paper and tizz, and it's affordable because it contains shorter rose stems.

If you do receive long stem roses it's essential that once you unwrap them, you must re-cut the stems before placing in water.

This is because the stems will dry out and block up when exposed to the air. They need to be 'opened' by re-cutting and allowing the flowers to drink again.

The next important advise I can give is, change the water and re-cut the stems every two days. Again, this allows the stems to keep drinking plenty of water.

Please post any problems you've had with cut flowers in the comments below and I'll try to respond shortly with a tip to help prevent it from happening again.



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