Short on cash this Valentine's Day, February the 14th.

Short on cash this Valentine's Day, February the 14th.

Valentines day, the day of romance is on the 14th of February which falls on a Thursday this year.

For Florists, that means we are super busy. Much busier than when it falls on a weekend.

Couples not just wanting to make their crush blush :) but wanting to 'show off' with impressive bouquets and arrangements sent to their loved ones in their workplace.

Who wouldn't want to embarrass their other half? Show to the world how much they mean to you?

I just want to share a few important tips when buying flowers for valentines day. Today's tip is if you are on a budget, short on cash but still need to send some love.

Flowers by Cassy offers AFTERPAY. Wow, fortnightly payments and no interest ever.

Choosing short stem roses instead of long, just like this arrangement here. No price increase for valentines day too. WOW.

Or, you can also go for a 'valentines' coloured arrangement.

Red roses raise in price on Valentines day. That is because everyone from the growers, wholesalers and florists are working extra hard to meet the demands. It's normal for demand to increase price and we see this every day with fruit and vegetables.

Sending seasonal flowers will reduce the price of the arrangement you send. Choose gorgeous valentines inspired colours like reds, pinks, whites maybe including some roses of course, as they are the traditional valentines flowers. Also, choosing roses in other colours. Orange roses mean facination. pale pink joy, and yellow friendship.

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