The Ultimate Wedding Plan Checklist

The Ultimate Wedding Plan Checklist

The Ultimate Wedding Plan Checklist

After the big question is popped and the engagement ring is worn, your eyes must havebeen glistening with joy from then on.

Also, you might have received a lot of congratulatory messages. Nevertheless, here is one more:

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

After weeks of engagement bliss, you are probably at the point where you are mapping your nuptials. However, you might realize that it is not as easy as it seems. It turns out, there are heaps of tasks and details that require extensive and careful planning. Many married couples make it look so easy, right? Preparing for the wedding of your dreams can be overwhelming, but it will be very fulfilling, especially when accomplished

Two keys will help you pull off an unforgettable event with less trouble: by taking as much time as you can and by keeping things organised. The good news is that we found a way to assist you with the latter for your wedding.

It takes most couples an average of one year to organize their nuptials. Hence, to make planning more manageable for you, we broke it into two-month chunks. If you have less time to prepare, we encourage you to spend an amount of time that works for you for each part.

To get started, read on!

Between eleven to twelve months to your wedding day, it is best to do the following:

● Establish your ideal wedding with your other half. Exchange and settle on
ideas to make sure both of you are on the same page. Remember, you will be
married only once! Hence, make sure that it goes well for both of you. Tip: You
can also draw inspiration from Instagram and Pinterest for the wedding theme
and motif ideas.

● Set your wedding priorities and budget. Identify which aspect of your wedding
is at the top of your list. Is it the venue, the menu, a lengthy guest list, or the
wedding attire? Knowing what you want and determining these early on will
definitely save you a lot of time. Project your expenses now and the amount you
actually spend later on a spreadsheet to see how much you save!

● Set your wedding date. The thing with planning in advance is that you have
more options on what venue to book, flowers to get, and the like. Hence, give
yourself relatively plenty of time to make sure you get to catch the venue of your
dreams and some competitive suppliers at the best prices!

● Book a wedding registrar, church, or celebrant. Do not forget to make
arrangements with the authority who will actually marry you and your fiance.
Also, make arrangements for your wedding license.

● Make a guest list and appoint members of your wedding party. Drawing up
the approximate number of people you want to invite on your special day will help
you determine the budget you have per head and the number of seats required
at your wedding venue. To make things extra fun, send proposals to your
bridesmaid and best man by popping the question with special gifts!

● Send out your wedding invitations. Doing this as early as possible will ensure
most people on your guest list will be present on your big day!
Feeling overwhelmed with a lot of things you have yet to arrange for? By nine to ten
months before your wedding, consider hiring a wedding consultant, if necessary.

● Hire a wedding planner. Not only will they help you save time, but they also
know much about how the wedding industry works. Also, most planners are
repeat customers to wedding businesses and vendors. Hence, there is a high
chance they can offer you perks and discounts, unlike when you do everything
on your own.

● Shop for your dream wedding dress or tux. Working on your wedding attire
early on will give you time to make modifications, if necessary, later on.

● Hire wedding vendors. There are a myriad of wedding elements you need to
prepare for, not to mention the individuals who will make your big day more
enjoyable and add touches to your natural beauty. Hence, trim down your list
with the best of the best that your budget allows.

● Select a caterer. Your wedding reception will be one of the grandest party
of your life. Hire a trusted caterer who will deliver one of the best meals to
your dearest and closest folks.

● Book wedding hairstylist, makeup artist, photographer,
videographer, and D.J. or band. The most crucial part of hiring these
professionals is ensuring they can execute your vision into life. Hence, do
your research. Taking them out for questions and discussions over coffee,
will not hurt, too. Striking up a conversation with them will help you see
whether or not you will work well together. Also, do not wait for the last
minute to scout the best for these professionals are mostly booked!

Between eight to seven months into your nuptials, it is wise to do the following:

● Select your bridesmaids’ dresses. Choosing the attire for your wedding party
requires compromise. Of course, the overall motif of your wedding depends on
you. On the other hand, it is best to make sure your girls are comfortable with it.
Hence, select a colour palette that goes with your motif and a general style to
ensure dresses are not mismatched while still giving your bridesmaid options.

● Book a wedding rehearsal venue. Yes, weddings have rehearsals to make
sure everything goes as planned. This allows you to anticipate potential
dilemmas during the ceremony and to predict the length of the event. Also, most
couples end this with a meal. Hence, there is an option to book a post-wedding
rehearsal lunch or dinner venue, too.

● Recruit a wedding set designer and order rental items. Allow a set designer
to curate a flawless wedding venue that will match your theme and awe your
guests. The same goes for rentals such as chairs, furniture, and draping. Most
people think that such elements are extra, but these are actually necessary as
these are the base of a wedding venue. Hence, do not skip these!

Hire a wedding florist. Every bride must have a bouquet of flowers while
walking down the aisle! Not only do florists prepare flowers for the bride and the
bridesmaids, but they can also beautify your ceremony and decorate your reception.

 Looking for a team of florists? Consider checking out Flowers by Cassy.

Apart from beautiful flowers, we ensure hassle-free transactions that will make wedding planning more enjoyable and easy for you!

By five to six month into your wedding, it is best to ensure logistics!

● Finalize your guest list.

● Find accommodation for everyone if necessary, especially for your out-of-town

● Plan wedding transportation for you, your fiance, bridal party, and other
guests. Planned transportation brings comfort and peace of mind to everyone. It
also guarantees that they will worry less about transportation on the date and will
likely arrive on time.

● Choose your wedding cake. Determine the style and flavour of the cake you
want to go for. After, schedule tastings with the best cake artists in town to make
sure you will get the best your area can offer.

By three to four months before your big day make sure you are only doing some finishing touches. Hence,

● Schedule your and your bridal party’s dress fittings.

● Decide on your wedding ceremony and reception seat plan.

Finalize your wedding readings and readers as well as your vows.

● Settle your reception menu.

● Review your commitments to other vendors to ensure nothing else is
forgotten. Apart from giving your photographer and videographer your
photograph and video requests, ensure your wedding musicians have a copy of
your wedding playlist!

● Purchase your wedding bands.

● Claim your wedding license.

● Have your wedding rehearsal and post-rehearsal dinner.

During the last two months of wedding planning, make sure you are on your way to achieving a beauty rest before the big day! Hence,

● Set up a hair and makeup trial with your makeup artist and hairstylist.

● Do your final wedding dress fitting.

● Buy thank you gifts and write or print thank you notes for your guests.

● Give a final guest count to your caterer.

● Have fun and reward yourself!

Now, wedding planning seems easy, right? With the love of your life by your side,
nothing is too difficult! Good luck!

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