Freshness Guarantee

Flowers by Cassy Guarantees fresh quality flowers. 

We ensure this by custom making your arrangement the morning of delivery.

Please understand flowers are a product of nature. Flower quality is determined by their growing environment and care.
We hand pick our stock and make sure the quality is at our satisfaction before leaving the studio.
Please follow the 'flower care tips' that come with your flowers to ensure you can enjoy them as long as possible.
Floral arrangements should look beautiful for 5 days and if in the perfect environment will last longer.
A refund or replacement flowers will only be given if we are contacted via email within 24 hours of delivery of flowers along with photos showing the quality.

In the case of a refund, this will go to the person who ordered and paid for the flowers. This refund will not include delivery charge and glass or ceramic vessel cost.

If you are the recipient of the flowers and you are not satisfied, replacement flowers will be given. Again this will be minus delivery charges and glass or ceramic vessel cost.

Returns on non fresh flower items.
We follow strict guidelines set by the ACCC. You may read these terms and conditions at

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